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The "DOOM" Project

2010-11-06 23:42:26 by mandessproductionfan

The title say it this animation its going to be the best i made.
its based on Doom the ID Software game but with Madness Combat Grapichs.

Well i Edited the History of the Game but here it is:
in 2034 the UAC activate they Portal Project to Teletransport things to Deimos,Phobos and Mars but thesee Portals only work Between Phobos and Deimos.then in 2036 Mars HQ lost contact with Deimos and Phobos.Deimos just Desapear from Radars and Phobos doen't have any contact with Mars HQ so they send 3 dozen of Armed Soldiers to Phobos then the Hell Start.Flyn our hero must Secure the Door when the other Soldiers enter on the base 3 hours left Flyn lost contact with the Squad before that he listen GunShoots in his Radio and Battles.Then Flyn enter to the base and start the Action.


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