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Im going to install Flash Again

2010-01-30 16:00:57 by mandessproductionfan

Yeah... im here again with new great ideas and the remake of mi animation called Madness The Hank Chronicles (Madness Destruction is a used name)

well,Im study English and Flash for 2 years i do test in other pages and now i can continue doing the Remake and i going to start a new Project Madness-Evil Based on Resident Evil (Dont Shit me saying this is a copy of Dawn of The Dead and Day of the Madness so Shut the Fuck Up!)

Im going to install Flash Again


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2010-02-08 20:49:36

hola tanto tiempo, voy a entrar a tu foro mas seguido ya que va a sacar una saga de madness


2010-07-06 08:15:25

Good luck!